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Caroline Peacock

I’m Caroline Peacock, PI of the MinOrg project and Professor of Biogeochemistry in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds. I completed my PhD at the University of Bristol, before moving to the University of Southampton as a Lecturer in Geochemistry based at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton, and afterwards to the University of Leeds as an Associate Professor and now Professor of Biogeochemistry.


I’m an experimental biogeochemist with a focus on the application of fundamental chemical principles to understand the Earth system. In particular I’m interested in how minerals help control the reactivity and cycling of bio-essential elements in the marine and terrestrial environments. Our work here in MinOrg explores the mineralogical controls on organic carbon degradation versus preservation in marine sediments and seawater, and ultimately how minerals and mineral building blocks might help control Earth’s climate and oxygenation. When I’m not crushing on rocks and minerals I’m a gym freak, with an elite level deadlift and squat!



Twitter: @C_L_Peacock


Oliver Moore

I’m Oliver Moore, a Post-Doc on the MinOrg project working at the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds. I originally did my BSc and MSc at Leeds, before moving to Bristol to do a PhD in geochemistry and my first Post-Doc position… but now I’m back!


My research focuses on the fundamental mechanisms that drive organic carbon stabilisation within marine sediments, both on the surfaces of minerals and in porewater. I extensively use synchrotron based techniques, such as STXM-NEXAFS, to examine how chemical changes at the molecular level can impact global biogeochemical cycles. In my spare time I like making a racket with a guitar, collecting records and playing those records out at club nights.





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